We participate in the construction of the most important energy generation systems in Italy and abroad.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to collaborate on important projects, designing and manufacturing energy generation systems for different application sectors.
Energy generation systems in Italy and abroad - EUROGEN POWER

We have manufactured both standard and customized generating sets for the armed forces and in mission critical applications, such as in hospitals, data centers and water treatment plants. Thanks to our experience, we have been able to create numerous generation power plants, both in city centers and in high mountain areas, serving dams for the production of electric energy.

Eurogen Power installations in Italy and around the world.

The conquest of international markets by the installations developed by our founder, Eng. Palummo, strengthens, thanks to the collaboration with the most important companies in the steel and oil sector and in the production of power and hydroelectric plants in the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Algeria, the Philippines, Thailand, as well as in almost all of the Latin America, in many European countries and, obviously, Italy.

Finally, the countless installations in the telecommunications sector make us one of the main and most qualified manufacturers of generators in this industry for the highest power ranges.

Today, we can count among our customers for the following:

The most important private and public companies in the telecommunications and Oil & Gas industry.

Important utilities management companies, such as Enel, Edipower, Iren and Edison.

Important Bodies such as the Milanese underground, the Brescia underground.

Numerous installations in the telecommunications sector.

International companies, such as Ansaldo, Danieli SpA and Thyssenkrupp.

Countless references are available from the airports and the large-scale retail sector.

Eurogen Power installations in Italy and around the world

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