We believe in alternative energies and this is why we are committed to increase their use in the field of generation.

We are active in the alternative energy sector with the production of generators and cogenerators powered by natural methane gas from the network and biogas.
Cogenerators supplier - EUROGEN POWER

We produce generators and cogenerators powered by methane gas with the simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy, which is recovered from the endothermic engine through special exchangers; this makes the machine perform at an average value of 80%, compared to 30% obtained with a standard generating set.

Our range

Our range of cogenerators includes a wide selection of products, such as the following:

Generating sets with engines running on diesel-gas, biogas and natural gas

Generating sets with engines running on biodiesel

Cogeneration sets powered by biogas and natural gas

Cogeneration sets powered by diesel

Approved and certified solutions for the reduction of atmospheric emissions

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